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Cards produced by Pomona draw heavily on a love of flowers and nature. All my cards are hand-crafted, using either my own drawings and sketches, digitally reproduced; flowers and leaves from my garden, pressed and mounted on quality Italian-made paper; or flowers and other found objects which are then used to produce Sun Prints.

Sun Prints are a modern form of an early photographic technique (cyanotype) invented by Sir William Herschel in the nineteenth century. Sir Williamís process used toxic chemicals, but the modern Sunprint papers are different and child friendly. Flowers and other found objects are prepared with an eye to form and structure and carefully placed on sensitised paper which is then exposed to sunlight. The paper is both the negative and the positive, so that each image is unique and the negative is effectively destroyed to produce the print. The images are cropped and mounted on card, and packed with an information sheet identifying the flower used and, where appropriate, the message or legend associated with the flower. The images are permanent.

Background training as a historian means that bookplates are a minor passion and I will undertake bespoke design as well as personalising stock images. The plates are reproduced digitally using an inkjet printer.