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Maintaining correct monitor colour requires specialised equipment, however this colour test file based on 24 bit sRGB values (0 to 256) will give you a target to aim for.
1. As a display may change with viewing conditions, always work under the same lighting conditions and let the workstation environment stabilise for 30min.
2. You may wish to set the displays desktop (background), via the Windows 98> Control panel> Display properties set the> Appearance Color of the Desktop to a mid grey R=127 G=127 B=127*
3. Adjust the contrast and brightness so that all of the grey (top) scale 21steps are equally visible, with a good black and white.
4. If you have 'Adobe Gamma', with the RGB squares to set the mid grey background against a grey card *, hardware white to 6500K.
5. Attaining 21 steps on the RGB scales will depend on monitor quality, software sophistication and as this will almost certainly be a compromise, give the grey scale priority. You should repeat the stages to fine tune, and then periodically as monitors change with time.
* The grey variation squashes can be used to assess colour hews.