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 Creative Arts Network 

The canart website is open to anyone active in the Arts and Crafts in North Oxfordshire and surrounding areas, benefits include:
 · Up to date 24/7 gallery and portfolio
 · Multiple index on individual disciplines
 · Four pages of text with up to ten images
 · Images optimised for short access times on a 56k modem
 · Links for your existing email address and web site
 · Crucial details resistant to electronic spamming
 · Ability to directly link to your personal pages
 · Access your pages with a personalised domain name *
 · @canart email address redirected to your own ISP
 · High number of hits, leading search engine prominence
 · Promotion of current and forthcoming events
 · Useful links with information on services and exhibitions
All available for a registration fee of 10 for up to four pages and ten images, with flexible page design options.