Susanne Newstead, Bicester Oxfordshire - Original Still Life paintings in the style of the Old Masters. Silent Companions painted dummy boards.

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Oil on canvas board 11x13 inches in restored highly decorated 19th c. gilt frame 120.00

2:Pot Parrot and Pomegranate
Oil on canvas board 16x20 inches in restored 19th c. red gilt frame 250.00

3:Mushrooms and Marble
Oil on canvas board 29x22 inches in red gold slip with outer frame dated to 1901. 375.00

Antoinne Young French Scholar 1739 Oil on board 38x 22 195.00

James, Francis, Edward Stuart 1690 oil on board 36x18 195.00
Louise Maria Theresa Stuart 1690 Oil on board 32x19 195.00
PAIR 320.00 (Seen in front of modern fireplace)