Susanne Newstead, Bicester Oxfordshire - Original Still Life paintings in the style of the Old Masters. Silent Companions painted dummy boards.

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Susanne M. Newstead
 ·  I have been painting for many years in all mediums and genres and at present am exploring the way that The Old Masters of the 16th and 17th centuries created their beautifully atmospheric Still Life.
 ·  I have studied the way in which these artists put the paint onto the canvas and the different techniques employed that enabled them to faithfully portray anything from a delicate porcelain tea -cup to heavy stonework.
 ·  Only antique or reproduction items and only fruit varieties found in the U.K. before 1900are depicted.
 ·  All the glass dates from the 18th and early 19th centuries.
 ·  The pictures are then lightly distressed and antiqued to give the appearance of age.
 ·  They are then framed into old, antique or restored frames.
 ·  Each picture has a list of the contents on the back, giving dates and provenance of the items in it.
 ·  All worm holes are antique and are offered at no extra cost.


These are slightly less than life size (though we have some much smaller) flat wooden figures painted in the 'trompe l'oeil' or illusionistic style of painting popular in the 17th century.
 ·  In the past they were employed variously as pretend servants, fire screens and chimney boards, lantern and visiting card holders and simply as decorative jokes to fool the unwary guest!
 ·  The antique examples are highly sought after and valuable collectors items. Our range of figures covers the entire history of these boards from the 16th to the end of 18th century.
 ·  Every board is hand cut and painted in oils and is then distressed and varnished to give an antiqued appearance. Each figure is unique and is numbered and signed.
 ·  When not in use they fold flat.
 ·  We offer a bespoke service. Sizes, colours and costumes can be tailor made and we are happy to paint to commission. We can even paint your own face into any character you like!
It's like having ready made ancestors!